In the flow

I’m stating a blog because I sometimes have more to say than what I want to post on Facebook.  I don’t want to subject every Facebook friend to my musings, ponderings, comments, and observations, so I’ll post those here.  That way only those who really care about what I have to say will be my readers.  I hope to post pretty often.  But we’ll see.  Starting a business and taking a whole ‘nother tack in my life may not allow time.  But it might, too.

3 thoughts on “In the flow

  1. I feel like everything is flourishing right now….. You are a part of that. You are and will be flourishing….. best I can tell.

  2. Can’t wait to read more! I want to get back to writing more long-form myself, and this is inspiring me… dang you!

  3. Ahhh….now THESE I could read all day! Keep ’em comin’! A breath of fresh air for me. (I won’t comment on all of them, for you see enough of *my* comments on Facebook already. ☺

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