And the magic does begin . . .

I’m once again choosing to trust the flow instead of pushing the river (as I noted yesterday).  And guess what?  The magic did indeed begin.  Yesterday afternoon actually.  I followed a nudge from the Universe a few weeks ago and invited friends to a talk hosted by a wonderful couple who live on a beautiful farm somewhat near here.  I had a feeling I should invite these particular friends.  It turned out that they had connections with almost everyone who was at the talk.  It was a wonderful web of connections and evidence to me to trust my intuitions.  We all felt it was a magical afternoon, delightful in so many ways.

I decided to shift from trying to push the river and got results almost immediately.  Reassurance from the Universe that I should continue to follow the flow?  Absolutely.  Somehow, in a way far beyond my comprehension, we are all connected and the Universe works with us when we have unselfish, clear intentions.  Some of us would call the Universe God.  That’s actually how I see it, but words can get in the way and are so very inadequate.  So I’ll say it was the Universe calling forth something that far exceeds what my puny vision can imagine.  That’s why I shouldn’t try to push the river.  It KNOWS where it needs to go.

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