Writing for myself

This blog is kind of like keeping a less-personal journal entry.  I first thought there might be a few people who are interested in reading what I have to say, but in reality, there aren’t.  So why keep writing?  Because I like typing what I think into a space and using that space to ponder and clarify.  Like today’s experience when a friend called to share a day full of synchronicity.  I enjoyed hearing her story and how her day played out.  And when her phone cut off because it needed recharging and she was without electricity at home, the synchronicities started for me.  I’d wonder if they are “catching,” but I know what happened was that my awareness increased when she shared her synchronicities.  We discussed how synchronicities are like having a conversation with God.  They’re God’s commentaries on what we’re doing.  And the more we let go, the more God likes it and comments through seeming coincidence to tell us “yes!” or “no!” or “maybe you should consider THIS.”  And who doesn’t love a good conversation?

One thought on “Writing for myself

  1. First and foremost, I LOVE reading/hearing what you have to say! Second, this intricately interwoven and often overlooked web of synchronicities is clearly communion with the all, God, the universe, or whatever you prefer to call it (I personally like to use all three to mean the same thing). I walked out of a store some days ago and held the door for the old man behind me. He smiled and said thanks and pointed out a scrap of paper on the ground.
    “Young man I believe you dropped that.”
    “Thanks.” I said as I reached down for it. It looked familiar. Upon inspection it was a receipt from O’ Charlie’s that I was encouraged by a hostess there to call the number on the receipt and take a survey. At the end of the survey they gave me a code for a free appetizer. I walked away puzzled how the voucher had liberated itself from my back pocket, and further, how did the old man catch it. I thought about the hostess who gave it to me and how we exchanged numbers and are probably going to start talking/dating because of this little slip of paper. I went on to observe other connections… and my mind began to wander, as it tends to in these cases, about the spiraling outward of causality, and how comforting to me it is that this string of cosmic dominoes is undoubtedly endless.

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