The Importance of Air Conditioning

I find freon to be a miracle substance.  I mean after all it allows gigantic buildings like the Empire State Building and the Superdome to be pleasant year round.  The Sun Belt would not have have boomed without it.  And I sure miss it when it’s out.  Even April here in the South can be air conditioning weather.  Especially if you have allergies.  Then the breeze wafting through your windows and billowing out your curtains brings with it the yellow, puffy-face-inducing particles.  Plus AC combats the humidity.  Everyone knows that in the South, it’s not the heat – it’s the humidity 🙂

But inconvenience always makes me appreciate what I take as normal.  Like being sick makes me appreciate health.  No AC makes me appreciate climate control and the magic of freon.  Pollen makes me appreciate winter.  Things that go askew make me appreciate smooth flow.  So here’s an opportunity to appreciate.  And that’s something I can take with me every day.

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