Wild Weather

We’re settling in around here, waiting for Round 2 of wild weather.  Round 1 hit some places hard, but my neighborhood was lucky.  So many pictures online of houses hiding under downed trees, smashed cars, power lines dangling.  So what do you do when you’re waiting for the rain and wind and maybe hail and maybe a tornado to hit?  I’ve got a chair set up in the closet under the stairs and have the hand-crank weather radio out.  My phone is charging.  I’ve been watching the weather on several channels, but my watching doesn’t affect what will happen.  The cold front will gather over the warm humid air and do its thing no matter what I do in preparation or how closely I watch it.

The big red blob on the weather map is getting closer.  I can hear thunder.  The wind is picking up.  I wonder where my cat is?  I figure she’s safer wherever she is than I am here in the house.  Some of the neighborhood kids are talking out on the street.  Maybe they’re hoping to spot a funnel cloud?  Not me.  Pretty soon I’ll be in the basement closet since we seem to be in the line of where the rotating circles are headed.  It’s moving fast.  More later. . . .

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