After Effects

So what do you do when your life has been twisted up and around?  That’s what people in the area are dealing with after the tornadoes, but this situation makes me think of our lives in general as well.  Emotional or spiritual twisters hit us at various times of our lives.  I just watched a former student graduate from college.  On my computer via live streaming.  Graduation is a life twister.  I remember well how odd graduations made me feel.  Who was I?  I had finished a stage of life but wasn’t into the next quite yet.  It was a limbo period, and I didn’t like it one bit.

We also have limbo periods in our lives after graduations, but they’re often not clearly delineated as they were when we were younger.  We experience a death or illness or divorce or job change or marriage or birth of a child.  So many events can put us into limbo as we start a new “life.”  All are twisters of a sort.  The best we can do in those periods, I think, is to be gentle with ourselves and those we encounter.  Too often we think we must push through, when in fact, a softness would be the best approach.  I’m going to try a gentleness with changes in my life.  And I predict that if I can indeed do that, the results will be better than the pushing through ones.

One thought on “After Effects

  1. I have been terribly out of sorts since the storms, and my property and family were extremely unaffected. I have been sort of reassessing my ideas and values and beliefs recently, and after the storms, I find myself discombobulated. I find myself thinking that if I just had time, I could figure it all out. It has been years since that thought has crossed my mind, and it confirms that I need some time away from work and the things that keep me busy, the things that allow me to believe I am fulfilled. Vacation comes in the near future. I am going to try a little gentleness until it gets here.

    I am enjoying catching up on your blog, BTW! Thanks for sharing yourself!

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