Don’t put off traveling

Today I was in the Tennessee Welcome Center in East Ridge for several hours.  I found it interesting that most of the travelers I saw were ages 50+ and of the ones I talked with, most were traveling from Florida to the Midwest, typically Michigan.  I think too many people put off traveling for their retirement years.  None of us is assured good health at any point but especially not as we age beyond the middle years.  I know too many people who thought they’d travel when they were retired and found that their health in retirement years didn’t allow that.

My advice is to travel early and often.  Take a bit of that money you’re saving for your retirement years and take a trip to one of your dream places.  Do it now.  Yes, be practical in saving money, but if you try to prepare economically for every possible situation, you’ll put travel off – and it might be too late when you think you have all of the contingencies covered.   And you really can’t prepare for everything anyway.  So start a search for destinations and begin planning a trip.  Now!

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