Huddle House Mini-Awakening

So I’ve been staying up too late and keeping odd hours and am a little off kilter.  Though I’m exhausted, I woke up early today even though I don’t have an appointment until this afternoon.  After being up about an hour, I took a nap and woke up (again) with a Huddle House craving.  I took an issue of the Shambala Sun magazine with me.  The Huddle House was much busier than it should have been at 11 a.m. because of people leaving elementary school graduations and awards days.  But in that hubbub, I experienced a little awakening.  The article in the magazine was about our prisons of our own making and our grasping at who we THINK we are.  And that underneath all that is our real consciousness. It wasn’t a big awakening, but that article made me throw off a bit of my sleepwalking life of late.  The people around me felt more human and precious, the smells and sounds were happy partners, the fake ivy plants seemed brighter, and I began to wake up a bit.  I felt less tense, less driven to do who knows what, less anxious.   And even now the tension is less.  The world seems “okayer” than it was a couple of hours ago.  I’m content with what is now.  For while at least.  And I’m grateful and hoping to stay awake a bit longer this time.

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