I’m feeling down and discouraged because I worry that our new business won’t produce any income this year.  It seems that we can only make enough money to pay for the bills coming in, but that we can’t get over that hump.  How do you get the word out there about a new business?  How do you get people actually to take tours in this heat?  I don’t know.  I’m trying to get a strong web presence by being a part of every free social media site that exists because I know that links can get a site to the top of web searches.  But I keep running into obstacles.

So I’m discouraged.  I notice that the word is dis-couraged.  Like a negative courage.  Yes, that’s how I feel.  When I’m en-couraged, I feel strong and as if I can handle anything.  I also think of coeur, which is the root of these words.  It means “heart.”  Yes, I have a dis-heart right now.  And that word leads right into disheartened.  That is indeed the root of this feeling, a sadness in my heart.   I’d end this with a hopeful thought, but sometimes I think it’s best just to feel what you’re feeling.  So this morning I shall let myself feel discouraged and disheartened and learn what I can from that.

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