Pearls and Irritations

A common metaphor has to do with irritations forming pearls.  I know that’s true, but I do seem innately to resist irritation.  I want a smooth life.  Or I think I do, but then I make choices that force me along the path of irritation.  Many times I have wondered why I seem to learn the best and most when I’m struggling.  Perhaps that’s what this human incarnation is all about.  Struggling and learning.  And letting go of trying to control the process.

Does a routine, mundane, scheduled life provide the necessary irritation for pearl formation?  I suppose it could.  Actually, I suppose that ANY life could.  And does.  We’re all on that path of pearl-forming, aren’t we?  There’s no escaping pain and suffering.  But there is the opportunity to go THROUGH it to the bliss that awaits when we let go of trying to be in charge.  At least that’s what I believe.  On most days.

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