Fierce winds and no power

Yet another damaging storm swept through this area yesterday afternoon.  I was without power for 10 hours, and others still are.  Though I haven’t left the house, Facebook reports tell about many, many downed trees and some damaged roofs.  The wind seemingly appeared out of nowhere, and it was mighty and fierce.  And was gone as quickly as it came.

The lack of electricity was a perfect chance to do some reading.  I chose the “old fashioned” paper books while there was still light and used the iPad for after-dark reading.  I read in two paper books because my mood kept shifting. One was written by a former student and is is very thought-provoking:  Saving Women from the Church:  How Jesus Mends a Divide.  So far, I very much agree with her theology.   I also did some reading in The Passion Test, as I am struggling again with my life’s path.  And finally my night’s reading was in The 12th Insight by James Redfield.   All three books bring home to me my responsibility in choosing a life path that is passionate and compassionate.

So my no power night was actually the reverse.  I was forced away from my usual distractions into deeply considering my own power.  It was a sort of pentecostal night, brought by a fierce wind.

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