I love it when the Universe gives me a handshake, or as a friend puts it, when I’m having a conversation with God and the what happens in the concrete world is a response.  A couple of cool synchronicities happened this week.  One was when I told a story about a former student, and then just an hour or so later, he tapped me on the shoulder as I was standing on a corner in Chattanooga waiting to cross.  I told the person I was with, “That’s who I just told you the story about!”  And yesterday, I had a feeling I should go to a certain store on my way home, so I did.  When I got out of my vehicle, someone called my name, and we ended up having a wonderful conversation, sharing ideas and lots of positive energy.  I wonder how many times I have had a feeling like that and didn’t act on it – and missed something that would have helped me in some way?  I’m going to try to tune in more and act on feelings without talking myself out of them so that God/The Universe (or maybe Multiverse) can assist me on my soul’s path.


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