Intuition “Hit” #2

OK, so it seems I’m starting with a second intuition without having had a first.  Nope, I just mistakenly called #1 a synchronicity, when it fact it was a following of my intuition which resulted in my seeing a friend I haven’t seen in a while and having a meaningful conversation about projects we both are working on.  I saw in my mind’s eye that I was at this certain store and felt I should go there because something meaningful for me would happen.  And it did because my friend was there, too, and our conversation resulted.

The second “hit” in about a week happened on Tuesday when my mind’s eye kept showing me a certain cool little cafe in the area.   Again, I had the feeling I should stop in there.  So I did, because I’m trying to follow my intuition and not second guess with “logic.” When I dropped by, I got a great lead on a possible new project from someone behind the counter, someone who’d never been there when I stopped in before.  So how does this all work?  I’ll share some from James Redfield’s Twelfth Insight in a post soon, because the way he describes it is just how it works for me.  I had two more hits this week.  That was enough anecdotal evidence for me to keep following my intuition to see who it introduces me to next. . . .

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