Post hiatus

I’ve been on a blog hiatus.  First a slew of intuitive hits, then a retreat time away, and now a whirlwind of activity.  It’s hard to see the flow when you’re in the middle of it, but my guess is that I’m in some shoals that might take me into the main current which means downstream progress.  But I have to be alert and watching for the best passage and make quick adjustment if I choose a less-favorable route and realize it.

My retreat was not in a water place but on the top of a mountain.  I spent lots of time sitting on the bluff looking at the mountain across the valley.  It had the effect of sitting at the beach.  At least that’s what if felt like, but with less movement and more shimmery energy than I usually get on the ocean.  I felt lots of red energy.  And pulsing energy.  And that’s exactly what I seem to have come back to – lots of pulsing, active energy.  I’m staying alert.  Watching.  Reacting.

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