Farmer’s Markets

Fresh corn picked last night, tomatoes, cayenne peppers, and zucchini picked this morning.  What better place to get ingredients for dinner than at a farmer’s market?  I’m glad these markets are making a resurgence.  And it’s a reminder to me of all of the people to whom I owe gratitude for my meals.  The farmers themselves hand me the produce, and I can be aware of the time and money they put into growing this.  Planting seeds, fertilizing, weeding, watering, hoeing, picking.  Lots of -ings, which all mean time and physical effort.  And I’m the beneficiary.  It almost seems wrong to pay them a couple of bucks for a family-sized portion of food.  Thanks to the local farmers who share their produce with me.  I appreciate all the time and money and work you put into this.

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