Feeling better – and that means. . .

If I’m feeling lots better, almost back to my old self, then that means another chemo treatment is imminent.  Yep, I have one tomorrow.  This time I’m hoping to be less tense and more in my body so that I can visualize my microscopic team killing the cancer and cleaning it up and healing the cancerous area.  I can see a tiny army at my beck and call, ready to assist the chemo drugs as they do their thing.  I’m also asking them to help lessen the nausea so that I feel a little better than the week or so after the last treatment.  And to give them some assistance, I started taking some ginger root capsules and drinking ginger tea because a study in 2009 found that ginger can help with nausea associated with chemo treatments.

I still have my hair, and I have no idea if that will last or if it’s right now about to come out.  I know some people don’t lose their hair when they have chemo, but that’s not a big concern for me.  Getting rid of the cancer takes precedence for sure.  I have some hats on the way just in case.  And I have that wonderful silk scarf that Claire painted for me.  So hair or no hair, I’ll be fine.

This is my favorite time of year, when the brutal summer finally begins cooling into fall and when the trees gradually lose their greenness.  I love the crisp blue sky, lack of humidity, and chill in the air.  And it gets even better when the leaves start to turn from summer green to their yellows and reds and oranges of autumn.  I’m grateful that I have this time of year to make me look outside of myself and pay attention to Nature.  I’m going to personify Nature as a woman, because that just seems to fit for me.  She follows her spiral of seasons faithfully, showing me how to grow and deepen and let go and rest.  Very apt lessons for what I’m experiencing now.

I ask those of you reading this to send me some extra good energy tomorrow and the few days after that.  I appreciate all of your thoughts and prayers and can feel your support.  You’re assisting my microscopic team as it works on healing.  They and I are grateful for all of that good energy coming our way!

2 thoughts on “Feeling better – and that means. . .

  1. Sending up prayers. Love reading your blog. Sure gave me a reality check. I am whining over the rough work week and your are enduring chemo…..

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