A quick update

It’s April, the month that Chaucer celebrated and Eliot bemoaned.  I’m in Chaucer’s camp this particular April because this is the month in which I complete radiation and thus my breast cancer treatments.  Though I will be having the seroma (fluid sac) at my node-removal site aspirated (drained) this week because it keeps swelling more and more, I haven’t had swelling in my breast or any burned skin (other than a mild sensitivity), so my radiation treatments are progressing as expected.  And I am actually feeling more energy each day.  Radiation can cause fatigue, but for me the fact that the chemo is leaving my system is thus far trumping the radiation’s effects on my energy level.  Along with the increased energy, I’m feeling much less fog in my mind.  The world feels and looks much sharper and clearer than it has in months.

I took walks by this stream last week and have been out and about, having meals with friends, enjoying company and conversation.  I actually had a busy week last week.  And this one is another of enjoying friends as well as preparing for my trip to Savannah.  I’ll have a full week of radiation and then get on I-75 after Friday’s treatment to head south toward Savannah.  I don’t know how much the drive will sap me or how much energy I’ll have to walk and enjoy the squares, but whatever energy I do have I’ll see as a gift.  A city with shady squares and benches for sitting is ideal for me at this point in my treatments. So I’ll walk slowly and sit gratefully and soak it all in under the canopy of live oaks and Spanish moss.

Thank you to everyone who has sent prayers and good energy and potent healing mojo to me.  That is all an important part of my healing journey.  Your friendship and love and support has helped me along this difficult path to this point . . .  it’s April, and I’m making my pilgrimage to a healing place for me.  I’m grateful for each of you and what you bring to my life.  Let’s all enjoy April, this time of rebirth, renewal, and resurrection.  This year I’m especially aware of those gifts and how our connections encourage growth and re-creation and healing.  I look at where I’ve been and where I am now in this journey, and I know that I am truly blessed.

2 thoughts on “A quick update

  1. Ah, whan that aprilah etc as miss graham my English teacher in high school made us say the prologue in old eng style. A friend of my grandfather, fellow poets and friends of Vachel Lindsay And a doughty dame if there ever was one! you english teachers made and make quite an impact on the world if you love poetry! here’s to you!

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