On the road, Northeast trip: #4.5 Quick Check-in

I’m on the way home, stopped off in Harrisonburg, Virginia, before completing my trip tomorrow.  I have lots to catch up on and not a lot of energy for doing that, so I’ll give a lick and a promise now.  I had varied and lovely days in New Hampshire and a bit of Maine last week with Karla and Ken and some of their friends, a nice stop-off yesterday for lunch with a former student in New Haven, Connecticut, a relaxing overnight with another former student and her family in Wilton, Connecticut, and a good drive on a sunny day today out of beautiful Connecticut, into New York State, through Pennsylvania, a couple of short interludes in Maryland and West Virginia, and finally here into Virginia.  There is so much for me to blog about, but that will wait until I’m home and have more time and energy.  For now I’ll leave you with a couple of Maine and New Hampshire shore photos to whet your appetite.

Nubble Light, York, Maine on Thursday

My meditation spot Friday at Rye Beach, NH

2 thoughts on “On the road, Northeast trip: #4.5 Quick Check-in

  1. The mediation spot looks like eddies and currents to me. ;-} Am happy you’ve had such a great journey. Continued traveling mercies. with love, Susan

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