Did you ever have a week when it seemed nothing turned out as expected?  Last week was one of those for me, but I didn’t get upset.  Maybe having cancer and going through treatments has indeed changed me.  Just about the whole week involved plans gone awry – postponements, cancellations, shifting events.  It started with a migraine Monday and then into postponements on Wednesday and Thursday, and ended with a shortened Savannah trip yesterday.

Express Runway Fashion Show in Monterey Square, Savannah

I figure the timing wasn’t right for some of these plans.  When I don’t try to control things and be in charge, it’s a much more pleasant experience.  Like stumbling across the runway fashion show in Monterey Square in Savannah on Friday evening.  It was fascinating to see what pros these models really are.  And how a street in Savannah can be the setting for a runway show.   And what a variety of people a free public event can draw.  I enjoyed the crowd as much as the show.  It was a hot, humid evening, but everyone was polite and tolerant and enjoyed the unique opportunity to see fall fashions and top models on a Savannah street runway.  That’s not your usual summer attraction in Savannah, but it was on this past Friday evening.  And because I happened along at the right time, it was especially fun, a little surprise gift.

The road home

And even though my Savannah trip was shortened because of an air conditioning problem, our family reunion yesterday was a real treat.  It was so much fun reconnecting with family members and getting a brief glimpse into their lives now.  And even though I had a six-hour drive afterward, the sky was lovely the entire way.  I got to see beautiful cloud formations over soybean fields and piney woods and to see the landscape change from flat land to rolling hills into cement-covered city and beyond that to ridges and mountains and blue horizons and sunset – and home.  I usually leave earlier so don’t get to see the sky shift from afternoon into dusk and dark as I drive along I-16 and I-75.  But yesterday I got to do just that.  All because my plans didn’t work out as expected.  Sometimes it’s like that.  You get unexpected gifts when things don’t work out.  Or actually, don’t work out as you expected.

So here’s to whatever the shifting brings.  Maybe it will be beautiful sky.  Or new people.  Or happy coincidence.  When I’m not attached to specific outcomes, there’s so much more room for the gifts.

Almost home

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