Pain of healing = pain of wounding?

The pain I’ve been experiencing lately is making me ponder.  Do you think the pain involved in healing a wound is the same as that of receiving the wound?  I’ve been having pain all over my radiation area.  Shooting pains, just like when the radiation began.

Friday at my appointment, I asked my medical oncologist (the one who poisoned me systemically, so not the right doc for this question, but he was the one I was seeing, and I figured he’d know) about the shooting, sharp pains I’ve been having all over my radiation area – in my bones, breast, muscles, tendons.  He said that radiation kills tiny nerves, so I’d feel them again as they heal.  That that is the pain I’m feeling.

His answer got me to wondering.  Is it the same with emotional pain, with spiritual pain?  Does the pain of healing equal the pain of the wounding?  If it does, that would explain why we so diligently avoid dealing with healing emotional and spiritual wounds.  Because we fear that pain.

What do you think?

I’m happy to be healing physically, and I’m trying to be present to the emotional and spiritual pain of this past year, too.  Some days are rough.  But I know I’m making progress, letting go of some of the past, grieving what has been broken.

Maybe the pain on both sides of a wound is equal.  Nothing gained or lost.

Except wisdom.


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