“Waiting” is an appropriate title this time, don’t you think?  I’ve not posted in almost two weeks.  So “waiting” seems apt.  That’s what I’ve been doing.  Waiting.

Our society isn’t much for waiting.  We of drive-through fast food.  We of the time-is-money attitude.  We of no time to wait for anything anywhere.

We’re people of hurriedness.  Of squeezing it all in and piling on more.

Goose on lake at Sacred Heart, Cullman, AL

So when I’m in a waiting time as I’ve been this month, I feel out of sync.  I feel I should be doing, producing, getting things done.

But I think timing matters.  The time doesn’t feel quite right yet for some of what I need to do.  So I’m waiting.

Sunrise duck

I went to Sacred Heart Monastery last week and spent one night and had a Healing Touch session the next morning.  That was a quiet time of waiting.  I’ve only been to Sacred Heart in the summer before, so I was struck with the coolness of the air, the angle of the sun, the yellowing of the leaves.

I was last there at the summer solstice for my centering prayer retreat in late June.  This time I was there a day before the autumnal equinox.  Sunrise is about an hour later now than it was this summer. Nature knows all about waiting.  The sun knows to rise later and later and set earlier and earlier as winter approaches.  The leaves know just when to change colors and let go.

But none of this happens hurriedly.

I’m taking that as a lesson.  I’m going to trust my instinct to wait.  To wait for my energy to return after cancer treatments.  To be gentle with myself when I don’t have the strength to do as much as I’d like.  To trust that I need time for recovery.  And to trust that I’ll get things done in the right time.  In sacred time.

To trust in waiting.

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