Sahkanaga comes home

Sahkanaga poster outside the Majestic

Sahkanaga opened Friday to lots of interest and great audiences for a week-long run in downtown Chattanooga.  According to the Majestic cinema staff, on Friday it drew the largest crowds of any of the movies playing there.  All of the main actors and writer/director/producer John Henry Summerour attended that evening and so did some of the crew.  The Q&A was lively, interesting, informative.  And then Saturday was more of the same.  Interested, attentive audiences.  Thoughtful Q&A.  More good energy.  The energy of satisfaction, pride, healing.

I’ll write more later as I reflect on a brim-full, rich time.  But here are some photos to give you a taste of what’s been going on this weekend.

Coming home has been wonderful.

The Friday night Sahkanaga opening crowd

Beth Neuhoff (associate producer), Charles Patterson (Chris), Jace Flatt (Scotty)

Sahkanaga’s fictional Wilder family takes a family photo: Trevor Neuhoff, Laura Maynard, Chip Jones, Rhea Thurman

John Henry Summerour does an informal Sahkanaga Q&A on Saturday

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