8 Thankful-fors this Thanksgiving

Okay, so I have LOTS more than eight, but 8 seems like a nice number, infinity if you turn it on its side and all.
So here goes, my list of eight thankful-fors:

1)  The ground of being, the source, the ultimate field, the light, that which connects us all and expresses itself through all that is.  Some call it God, some Higher Power, some Yahweh . . and on and on and on.  By whatever name and however we see it, it is and was and will be.

2)  My  friend through everything in my life, my caretaker, my travel companion, the one who’s always there – my sister.

3)  Friends and family and their love and support.  Their care and concern.  Their love and affection.  Their help in times of trouble.  Their sharing.  Their presence and existence.

4)  Healers.  All those who help us heal in many ways.  Nurses and technicians and doctors and energy workers and acupuncturists and massage therapists.  All healers.  All those who pray and send good energy.  And those who excel in sharing and sending good mojo!

5)  The earth.  Trees and oceans and mountains and leaves and flowers and rocks and meadows and deserts and swamps and sand and Spanish moss and . . .  well, everything in nature.

6)  Animals.  Pets and wild animals, those furry and feathered and scaled and screeching.  Purring and barking and stinging and slinking.  In all manifestations great and small.

7)  The internet, especially social media.  For when we can’t be together in person.  The connector, a web, that no other generation has had.  A way for us to share and be, real time, in places far and near.


8)  Hair.

Happy Thanksgiving!

One thought on “8 Thankful-fors this Thanksgiving

  1. OK, so with tears in my eyes after reading 1 through 7 ….. HAIR ! Made me laugh!

    I am soooooo thankful, eternally grateful, for YOU! Love you lots and lots and lots and lots….

    your lil’ sis,
    Karla Sue

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