A Short Walk in Savannah

IMG_2992Although I’m back home and not in Savannah now, I thought I’d share some of the photos I took on a short walk one late afternoon last week.  I was tired and didn’t have the energy to go very far (yes, I’ll be glad when my stamina returns).  But in the Savannah Historic District, you don’t have to walk very far to see beauty.  I posted these on Facebook, but hey, not everyone is my Facebook friend.



So here’s that walk.

It starts with holly by the Georgia Historical Society, then goes down Whitaker Street, then by the Williams-Mercer House (of Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil fame) and other places on Monterey Square (like Mikve Israel), then ventures over to Wesley Monumental, and it ends at the Forsyth Park Fountain.  Which is where lots of my Savannah walks either begin or end, appropriately enough, because the fountain is a Savannah icon.

Being tired has made me slow down enough to see much more than I normally would see.  So in a way, tiredness is a gift.  Which I’m sharing with all of you.

IMG_2958 IMG_2960 IMG_2964


IMG_2969 IMG_2975 IMG_2985


IMG_2987 IMG_3005 IMG_3008 IMG_3019


IMG_3029 IMG_3038 IMG_3035


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