The 18 Month Mark: Part 3

I’m sharing a short post (more later when I’m not exhausted) and will cut to the chase here. . . .  with the good news that the MRI today showed NO problems!  What looked like cysts were indeed cysts.  So I’m cancer-free at the 18 (plus almost two weeks) mark.  None of us is assured good news, and when I get that, I feel humbled . . . and oh-so-grateful.

Because I’ve been on the other side of that equation.

Battlefield Imaging near Ringgold, Georgia does everything possible to make sure that patients don’t leave without hearing their test results.  They don’t want people to experience the anxiety that comes with waiting.  So after the MRI, the radiologist read the images almost immediately, and then he called me in to show me the results.

IMG_3434Here is a photo I took of one of the computer screens of my MRI pictures.  The right side shows my left breast.  The top is today’s MRI, and the bottom is from September 2011, when I got the cancer diagnosis.  The big dark spot near the top right (in the top pic) is the seroma (already refilled a lot since the aspiration almost two weeks ago).  The radiologist said, “The dark spot is your implant.”  I was like, “Um, I don’t have an implant.  That’s the seroma.”  So apparently it looks JUST like an implant!  And the distinct white spot in the bottom picture is the cancer tumor as it appeared in September 2011.  In the color MRI pictures, you can see the part that has died and the outside parts that are active.  MRIs are pretty amazing technology.  The jagged part above the tumor is a blood vessel, as are the distinct other white lines.

I’ll write more later about my experience of the MRI itself as well as of my trip to Savannah.  My time in Savannah was busy, blessed, wonderful.  But for now, I’m tired from all of the activity of the last week, of a range of emotions and experiences.

I’m going to rest this evening.  And be grateful.

I’ll leave you with a taste of my Savannah trip, though.  More to come later . . . .

IMG_3245 IMG_3278 IMG_3287 IMG_3354 IMG_3367

2 thoughts on “The 18 Month Mark: Part 3

  1. Krista today was amazing to share the time, your MRI and the place. I haven’t truly seen many hearts and now I have yours , tho it’s much bigger than the pix shows. Great day. Great news. The wind blows where she will. Joyfully, Margaret

    • Thank you so for being there with me, Margaret. Your presence was a comfort. Yes, the wind blows where she will. I’m glad she blew your company into my life today . . . and for the past 13 years!

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