Middle Georgia Tour: Rock Eagle Effigy Mound

Instead of driving straight to Savannah this time, a friend and I took a couple of days for a side trip through Middle Georgia.  Much of this side trip was a return to familiar places from my past, some 30+ years ago.  Back then I’d take US 441 from Athens down to Milledgeville to pick up my sister, who was a student at Georgia College, and she and I would ride home together.

Madison home

Madison home

So last week, my friend and I got off I-20 and took a little trip into Madison for lunch and to look at the beautiful home theres.  Though I only took this one photo (because this house looks so much like the Federal style homes in New England), Madison is full of historic homes and is worth taking the time to look around.  When I’d drive through 30 years ago, I didn’t venture off the main road.  Well, you certainly need to do that, because there are many beautiful homes that are not on the main drag.  It’s a really pretty town, especially in the spring.


Rock Eagle Effigy Mound

From Madison, we drove down 441 to Rock Eagle, just north of Eatonton.  I grew up hearing stories about Rock Eagle because my mother was a Home Demonstration Agent, and they had many gatherings at Rock Eagle, especially 4-H ones.  It’s still a 4-H center and is home to the Rock Eagle Effigy Mound, which was my interest.  I like to visit sacred places, and this definitely was one.

My hands and the top of my forehead started tingling when we headed around the mound toward the observation tower from the parking lot.  I’m sensitive to energy, and this place sure had it.  There are theories about the mound and its purpose, but honestly, they’re only theories.  My experience says it’s a sacred place which was holy to the Native Americans who built it.  It was a place of energy that I could feel.

Spring view from an observation tower window

Spring view from an observation tower window

The observation tower was built by CCC workers during the Depression and is a pretty as well as a useful structure.  From the top of the three-story tower, you can see the mound and its eagle shape.

The red bud and dogwood trees were blooming, and the stone tower windows made for a nice frame for the early spring scene outside.  Though the eagle effigy is surrounded by an ugly chain link fence and isn’t impressive from the parking lot (my friend said, “That’s it??!” when she first saw it), it’s worth the short trip from 441 to see the effigy mound and observation tower.

Especially if you pick up energy from liminal places.

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