Etowah Indian Mounds

It was a perfect April day, and I friend and I decided to meet in Cartersville, Georgia at the Etowah Indian Mounds.  Unlike  the Rock Eagle Effigy Mound in Eatonton (my post on that here), these mounds didn’t emanate energy (or at least I didn’t feel any).  This place must have been a secular rather than a sacred place.  But the setting was beautiful, especially on this day.

The first photo is of the area as we approached the largest mound, the second is of the largest mound, the third is atop that mound, and the last is of a smaller mound (from the top of the largest) with the Etowah River beyond it.

The Booth Western Art Museum is on my list for another Cartersville visit.  But not this time.  I chose this site over meeting my friend at the High Museum for the Frida and Diego exhibit, which I never made it to Atlanta to see.  Oh well. . . it would have been hard for them to outdo our being outside on this perfect day anyway.  I’ll have to see them later, probably separately.  Which might be just as well.

Because what can beat a day like this?


2 thoughts on “Etowah Indian Mounds

  1. Dear Krista,
    I was hoping to use one of your images of Etowah in an article I am writing. Would you grant permission for this? I would certainly give you full photograph credit.

    look forward to hearing from you,


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