Synchronicities: I suppose tigers are next . . .

Yesterday I shared Pema Chodron’s telling of the story of pursuing tigers above a cliff and waiting tigers below and a mouse gnawing on the escape vine.  And choosing to enjoy the strawberry that was right there.  The story triggered memories of a few of my dreams of late.  I’ve dreamed of tigers pursuing me or waiting outside a window.  In one dream, I was in a red convertible with my sister, and a tiger jumped on the back, digging its claws into the fabric of the top, which was down.  The tiger was climbing toward us.  I don’t remember beyond that part of the dream.  But I wasn’t scared.

images-1Well, yesterday as I was driving to meet a friend for lunch, I was thinking of that story and my dream about the tiger and the red convertible.  Guess what I met on the road, going the other way?  Yep, a red convertible.  And guess what was behind me when I stopped at the next stop sign?  Yep, a red convertible.  And guess what was being sold at the vegetable and fruit stand to my left?  Yep, strawberries.  I was pretty awed by the synchronicities and thought those were the last ones to be connected with that Pema Chodron story and my tiger dreams.


Today I got home, and from the corner of my eye I saw a little flash of gray fur disappear into my kitchen garbage can.

imagesYikes!!  A mouse!

I immediately took the garbage can outside to give the mouse a chance to escape.  I didn’t see the mouse as I took some of the garbage out so it wouldn’t get strewn on the lawn if my cats decided to check it out.  And I figured the mouse had a fair chance to escape since the cats weren’t showing any interest in the contents.  When I completely emptied the garbage can a little later, there was no mouse inside – and my young cat hasn’t left me any gifts by the door.

But it didn’t hit me until I came back inside that ANOTHER part of the story had just appeared in my life.  The mouse!  Though it wasn’t chewing a vine, a mouse had appeared, too.



Sooooo, I’m thinking there will probably be a tiger or two around a corner soon . . . . I’m going to keep my eye out for that appearance.

Anybody want to predict how it (or they) will manifest?



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