There is NO “waiting”


Last roses of 2013

Last roses of 2013

You’d think I’d have learned this during my cancer journey.

There is no “waiting.”  There is only NOW. “Waiting” takes me out of the NOW.  And waiting necessarily needs expectation. Another thing I should have gotten beyond, should have learned to let go of, during my cancer journey.

Have no expectations.

These last weeks of a sort of hiatus from my blog, a post-Western-excursion, pre-new-job time has been kind of a limbo.  A time of what has felt like waiting.

Until it hit me last week.  There is NO waiting.  There only is.

Yeah, I’m a slow learner.

But, luckily, lessons come more than once.  Did I say “lessons”?

I meant opportunities.

I’m taking advantage of this opportunity to let go, once again, of the idea of waiting.  And to focus on being.  In the present.  In the NOW.

No more waiting.  Lots more being.




Chickamauga Battlefield (first day of reopening after the government shutdown)

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