An afternoon walk around Forsyth Park

I started an early November walk by going to the fountain.  Then over to Drayton Street and down to the old Telfair Hospital.  Back along Whitaker Street where the sun came out.

Every time I take a walk in Savannah, I see something new.  Usually something beautiful.


Forsyth Park Fountain. Last night’s rain perked up the flowers.


700 Drayton, a restaurant connected with The Mansion. It’s the old Fox and Weeks Funeral Home building.


Confederate Memorial Statue across the Forsyth Park lawn (from Drayton Street)


The Mansion with ubiquitous tour trolley passing by.


Colorful Victorian.


This statue caught my eye. Diana? A fairy?


THE most colorful Victorian in Savannah.


Old Candler Telfair Hospital.


The sun comes out for my walk along Whitaker Street by Forsyth Park

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