Bonaventure Cemetery stroll

What do you do in Savannah when you have a couple of extra hours?

My sister’s flight was delayed, so we asked ourselves, “What would you tell someone to do if that person had only two hours to spend in Savannah?”  The first answer was, “Take a walk in the historic district.”  But we’d already done that.  So the second answer was, “Go to Bonaventure.”

And so we did.

These photos aren’t of the most famous grave sites, like Little Gracie and the plot of the Johnny Mercer family.  We wanted to see some different parts of this large, very interesting cemetery, to look around in both the Christian and Jewish sections.

Why do cemeteries feel so peaceful, so calm, so grounding?  I’ve always liked cemeteries, especially the older ones with statuary and a big variety of markers.  Yesterday, I was very aware of the sweep of time.  And surrounded by beautiful reminders that my time here on this Earth is limited, I was very struck by the inscription on Annie G. Cooper Oast’s grave marker:

Health is priceless,

But – ah, life.

Amen, Annie, amen.

A stroll through Bonaventure prompts me to sigh, “ah, life” with gratitude.


IMG_4999 IMG_4976 IMG_4995 IMG_4996 IMG_4997 IMG_4998 IMG_5001 IMG_4988

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