Somewhat under the weather

Being somewhat under the weather gives me some time to catch up.  What a month it has been, of going and coming, with family and friends.  A funeral.  Thanksgiving.  My birthday.  My sister’s visit to celebrate both her and my birthday.

But first, where does “under the weather” come from?  I know I can do an internet search, but I’ll just say for now that the rain and my headache and sore throat cover it enough for my need to know in this moment.  “Under” lets me catch up, not having blogged in a whole month.

A whole month!  What a busy one it has been.  With work and my aunt’s death, which meant an earlier-than-planned trip to Savannah for her funeral in Effingham County.  And seeing my sister then, a couple of weeks before her planned visit here. And seeing cousins I’ve not seen in months or years – and even perhaps a decade – at visitation (or viewing, as some call it) and at the funeral.

And researching genealogy with my sister.  As well as our trying to figure out who built our grandmother’s old farm house.

And Thanksgiving with cousins in Effingham, joined by a friend from here.

And my birthday, another somewhat-under-the-weather day, a quiet-by-myself day with lots of Facebook birthday greetings to remind me that I’m a part of a much larger world – even when I’m under the weather.

And my sister’s visit, several days of walks and meals and poking about . .  and more genealogy.  Lovely sister time.

And intertwined among it all my job, working in schools, meeting new people, helping them with retirement plans.

And now a headache, sore throat, a tired day of rest and reflection.

Probably my photos tell almost as much of my past month as my words can.  And since I don’t feel up to writing and pondering, I’ll follow “under” with photos.

So here they are, on this under-the-weather post.


Gaston Street, Savannah GA


Forsyth Park Fountain, Savannah GA


Forsyth Park Fountain


Savannah Theatre ready for its Christmas show


Madison Square looking toward St. John’s front door


Print of the brick maker’s hand in the Jerusalem Lutheran Church wall, made in 1768 or 1769, Rincon, GA


Atlantic Ocean from the Tybee Island Pier, GA


On the Savannah River on River Street at sunset, looking at the Talmadge Memorial Bridge


Savannah City Hall at moonrise


Monterey Square at night


The Forsyth Park Fountain


Wedding setup at the Forsyth Park Fountain


Forsyth Park at Gaston and Whitaker


E. Shaver, Booksellers, Savannah


Another Madison Square view


Indiana Monument, Chickamauga Battlefield, GA


My sister on the Riverwalk, Tennessee Riverpark, Chattanooga, TN


Silver tea service and Christmas decorations, Gordon Lee Mansion, Chickamauga, GA


Gordon Lee Mansion at night, Chickamauga, GA


Karla says Cheers! Birthday dinner with my sister


Savannah sunset

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