Join me in an E-Squared Community

Calling all experimenters – energy experimenters, thought experimenters – even skeptics, perhaps even especially skeptics.

Join me in an online community of sharing.  One that shares the results of some energy experiments to see if our thoughts really do create our reality.

Does that speak to you?  Are you up for nine energy experiments that deal with your thoughts?

If so, get this book, E-Squared by Pam Grout, and join me in doing the experiments. You can get the book in paper form or in energy form (that spoke to me for a book about energy!) from your favorite bookseller.  Right now, it’s $4.99 on Kindle and iTunes.


What I’d like you to do is to perform the experiments and share your results.

I’m going to post about each of the nine experiments and share my results.  And I’d like you to join in and form a community, an online energy community, and share your results, too.  It will be so much more fun for us to see what others find in their experimentation.

Will we have similar results?  Or very different ones?

Who knows?

But I’d love to find out!

You can do the experiments at your pace.  No hurry, no timeline.  Just do them as they speak to you.

Because one of the cool things about a blog is that it will be here when you want to add your comments.  It won’t go away.  It doesn’t hold you to finishing at a certain time on a certain day.

Just follow your energy as you’re called to do each experiment.  And pay attention. And share your results.

It will be fun to see how energy flows with each of us.  How it connects with each of our lives in its own way.

And maybe it will even flow among us!

I’ve already done the first handful of experiments.  But I’ll wait to share my results.

I’ll post each Sunday – one experiment and my results – for nine Sundays.

I hope you’ll add your results in the comments.  Whenever it suits you.  No hurry, no pressure.

We’ll have an online community of energy experimenters.

One that I hope will include you!


6 thoughts on “Join me in an E-Squared Community

  1. I am on #4 right now, Krista! I am planning to share with you; not sure right now about a community experience, but I will see as I go along… (I have a long history of having party-pooper energy 🙂 ) Hugs!

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