E-Squared Principle #3: “The Alby Einstein Principle”

It’s time for a Sunday report on my E-Squared experiments. I’ll tell you right up front  . . .  this one got a WHOA! from me.

Pam Grout’s Experiment #3 is to prove that we’re fields of energy in a bigger field of energy.  And this one requires objects existing in the physical dimension, not just thoughts and intentions.

The instructions are to get two coat hangers and straighten them out and make them into kind of magic wands with bent ends.  At least that’s how I looked at it – because magic wands are pretty cool.  You put plastic straws on the bent ends that you’re holding so that you’re not directly touching the metal.

You hold the wands and think negative thoughts and then positive thoughts.  Your wands should react to your energy.

My version of the experiment was even more interesting than what Grout described because I had two different types of coat hangers.  The first one I got was an old one – probably 20 or 30 years old.  So the metal was fairly heavy.

The second coat hanger was newer, and the metal was lighter.

When I held the coat hanger wands in front of me, I could definitely tell the difference.  The light one flopped back and forth pretty wildly, while the heavier one moved a lot less.

Grout warns you that they’ll be whanging around until you settle them, so that didn’t surprise me.  They settled pretty quickly.

Once they were steady, I started with negative thoughts.  I pulled up a situation that has given me recent pain, one that makes my heart contract.  And sure enough, the coat hanger wands pointed toward each other.  My energy actually had contracted.

Then I shifted gears and thought of something that makes me happy, something that makes my heart feel good.  And sure enough, the wands expanded, moved away from each other.  And the lighter one opened up so wide that it kept expanding until it rested on my upper arm.

I was like WHOA!!  can control energy!!  Woohoo!!  This is cool!

But being a bit of a skeptic, I calmed myself down and switched hands to see what happened if I had the lighter one and heavier one in different hands.

You can probably guess.

I got the same results.

As Grout suggests, I tried controlling the energy.  I could make the wands move more slowly, expand or contract gradually.  I could make them most fast and kind of wildly.  I learned to control them pretty much however I wanted.

That was a month ago.  I left the wands out because every now and then I’ll pick them up and see if I can still expand and contract energy.

I can.  Every time.

It’s very cool!

I can’t wait for someone else to try it and let me know what happens!

Please comment below after YOU give it a try!

And thank you SO much to the couple of folks who commented last week.  It’s much more meaningful to me to be doing these experiments in a community of experimenters.

And if you’d like to start now, it’s certainly not too late.  Here are the links for my first posts about these experiments:

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Experiment #1:  The Dude Abides  (I know people did this one but didn’t post on the blog.  I’m hoping they’ll go back and do that so that results are shared with each experiment).

Experiment #2:  The Volkswagen Jetta Principle

If you’re just joining in, there’s no timeline.  These posts will be here when you have time for the experiments and then dropping by to comment.

And until next week, May the Energy Be with You!


2 thoughts on “E-Squared Principle #3: “The Alby Einstein Principle”

  1. Hello, Krista! George and I both really enjoyed doing this experiment, though we think our hangers were a lot longer than intended. We don’t have our wire-cutters here; they are at the cabin. Anyway, our results were the same as yours, and I have truly changed my attitudes intentionally in the weeks since I did this experiment. I much prefer to think I am putting positive energy out into the universe, and I am more motivated now to stop the negative vibe before it has a chance to get inflated! Very interesting stuff!

  2. I think they’re supposed to be long, Beth. She doesn’t mention wire cutters at all. Your point about changing really struck me. I’m kind of aware of that but didn’t connect the experiment with what I’m putting out . . . all of the time. But I did have a very stark image in a liminal time this week that let me know how powerful negative thoughts can be. Thanks so much for playing along and sharing your results! And for pointing out that our attitudes really do have influence on others – and for those attitudes we have responsibility.

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