E-Squared Principle #4: “The Abracadabra Principle”

Another Sunday has rolled around, and it’s time for my E-Squared report.

This one is the “Abracadabra Principle.” (Which, by the way, is my favorite chapter title).

The premise here is that we can manifest things, specific things. Material things. Just by thinking about them.

Sounds cool, huh?

But I had to quiet the skeptic in me. It started to say, “No way! You can’t manifest material things, things made of matter, just by thinking of them!”

I told the skeptic, “Come on. Give it a try.  What do you have to lose?”

So I determined that I would manifest a pair of walking shoes.

But not just any walking shoes. I wrote this in my journal:

My intention:  To receive a pair of walking/running shoes, narrow, Brooks or another well-fitting narrow pair, bright colors that make my heart happy and ground me.  And make me want to get outside!

I wrote out the intention you see in the photo and put it on my dream tree.  And I set my 48-hours.

And I thought about shoes.

I went through my 48 hours thinking about shoes a lot. Looking up shoes on the internet. Checking brands to see who had narrow shoes. Checking prices. Thinking of how comfortable the shoes would be. How much I’d enjoy walking in them.

Two days almost passed, and no one sent me or gave me a pair of shoes.

I wondered if this would be the first failed experiment.

But just before the 48-hour time period was up, I made a sale. One for which the commission would be a big hunk of the price of a pair of running shoes.

And I cashed in $16 worth of lottery tickets. I thought they’d be worth about five bucks.

All total, that came within about $15 of the shoes I wanted.


Shoes and written intention

So I went to a local shoe store and tried on a lot of shoes. And finally chose a pair and ordered them in my size and width.  Shoes that are bright and happy and fit well and make me want to get outside and walk.

No one brought me shoes, gave me shoes. And the amount wasn’t quite enough.

So was the experiment a failure or a success?

Maybe it was a partial success because I only partially believed?

I’m not sure.

But I really like my new shoes.

And I want to end with a WARNING.

If you’re thinking of starting these energy experiments but haven’t actually begun them, you might want to think twice.  Because next week I’m going to tell you about an experiment that totally shifted the direction of my life.

I really believe that doing these experiments got the energy flow going.  That these experiments are a catalyst for the changes that are coming about in my life as I type right now.

So you are forewarned.

Until next week, let’s be brave. . .  and let’s go with the energy flow!


You see, I got outside. This was this afternoon. See the energy in the sky?

5 thoughts on “E-Squared Principle #4: “The Abracadabra Principle”

  1. OK. I’m in. I’m waiting on Eddy to finish watching the Doral golf tournament and am going to use the time to google E-Squared. I’ll keep you posted. xo s

  2. Krista, I was skeptical at first, as well. My goal was to have 2 large furniture pieces move in our vendor space, specifically, 2 bed sets. No, they didn’t move….but I have this feeling they WILL move soon. Maybe it was my skepticism for the time frame listed, I’m not sure. I believe that things happen in proper timing, and for whatever reason, as the experiment progressed, I wasn’t “feeling” it happen, BUT I feel certain it will happen soon! I’ll keep you updated. 🙂

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