E-Squared Principle #5: “The Dear Abby Principle”


That statement in itself seems dramatic, doesn’t it?

Well, my life took a big turn a couple of weeks ago. A turn that I swear that was prompted by doing these exercises, paying attention to energy, connecting energy with intention . . .  even subconscious, unspoken intention.

It was this experiment that convinced me that tapping into energy and paying attention can have dramatic effects in my life.

But it won’t sound like it to begin with. Because I did this experiment twice, with little to no result.

In her book E-Squared, Pam Grout calls Experiment #5 “The Dear Abby Principle.” This is the experiment which answers the question, “It it really possible to get ongoing, immediate guidance” from the the field of possibilities?

I first tried it on February 7th, immediately after completing Exercise #4. I asked if I should pursue Reiki or some other kind of energy healing as a vocation of some sort.

Then I waited for the answer. And mostly forgot about it.

So what happened in the 48 hours?


Zero. Zip. Nada.

I wondered what that meant??

I didn’t jump into the next exercise. I’d lost some of my motivation.

A couple of weeks passed. We had several days of weird weather with snow and ice, which here in the Southern states brings things to a halt. So I had lots of time for thinking, ruminating. I was feeling lots of negativity, as if I were slogging through mud. But I also felt something astir. Something positive seemed to be wanting to take root, to use this mud as fertile soil.

I decided for a re-do of Exercise #5. But I’d ask a different question.

This time I asked if I should plan a trip to the upper Midwest in the next few months. I’d been thinking of a trip, and the upper Midwest is an area I’ve hardly visited.

I paid more attention this time.

And in 48 hours, I got only one thing that might be an answer.  Certainly nothing clear, nothing in neon.

I was behind a big, yellow 18-wheeler in Fort Oglethorpe, one that was with the Estes company. I love Estes Park, so maybe that was an answer? Not the upper Midwest but back to Colorado?

But that didn’t seem a clear answer . . .

So it seemed to me that this experiment had failed twice.

Or so I thought. Until the next Monday.

That day, I had two meetings about projects that speak to my soul, projects that touch my heart. And each meeting went wonderfully. I felt real connection, a part of the flow, as if I’d plugged into the energy.

But sandwiched between the meetings was an email about my job. An email saying I wasn’t producing enough, that the home office was choosing to diminish my already-small territory,

That event felt terrible. That energy was awful.

Just the opposite of the two meetings that were sandwiched on either side of it.

A friend at the first meeting had asked questions about my job, questions that I couldn’t answer enthusiastically. And her responses made me pay attention. I could tell she didn’t think the job was a good fit for me.

She was right.

That email was waiting as I left her. I first responded to the email asking for more time. That seemed the mature, professional thing to do. But then I slept on it, and when I woke, I was angry. I had been blindsided. No mention of not enough production before now.

I thought, “Do I really want to work for this company? After all, the energy has never felt good with them, ever.”

And I thought of how that email was sandwiched between two meetings that had the opposite energy. Positive energy, soulful, heart-centered energy.

That felt significant.

So, on a whim, I fired off an email to an acquaintance who works with an education-related company asking if she knew of any jobs, part- or full-time.

She answered within five minutes. Her company was always looking for someone in professional development.

I read the requirements. They fit my skill set. More importantly, they fit my passions.

I knew what I was supposed to do.

Leave my job.

And I did.

I didn’t hear back about my request for more time until the next afternoon. They did offer more time (with some restrictions), but I’d already made up my mind the previous day. The lifting of the bad energy had been immediate when I decided to leave them.

It was all so clear now!

So why am I telling you this story as a part of the Dear Abby Principle??

It’s because I think that this situation was the clear answer to that experiment.

But I’d been asking the wrong questions!

I’d read that chapter three times before trying the experiment, and each time, this part jumped out at me:

“But watch out. I tried this once and got fired. In retrospect, however, it was the perfect answer, maybe the only one I could hear to the question I’d asked . . .”

All three times, that part kind of scared me. So I was careful not to ask a question that had anything to do with my job.

But guess what?

The field of possibilities decided to answer a question about my job!

That was the question that wanted to be asked, needed to be asked. Even though I was afraid to ask it.

I didn’t get fired, but I saw the handwriting on the wall. This already-yucky job was about to get yuckier.

It was time for me to leave. And the Universe showed me another path. Within five minutes of my asking.

Now it may be that this new path isn’t exactly the right one for me, but I feel sure it’s leading me in the right direction. The yucky feeling of the past year and a half has lifted. I’m exited again. I’m wanting to learn new skills, to use the ones I already have, to pursue my passions, to follow the energy that feels right – as opposed to the energy that felt wrong.

And I truly feel that doing these experiments has put me into the flow so that guidance can come my way, will come my way.

Has come my way. Miraculously.

Even when I was afraid to ask!

I started Experiment #6 today. I’ll report on it next Sunday. It’s not so risky. This one involves sprouting seeds, literal seeds.

I’ll also be watering some figurative seeds, ones that got planted with the last experiment when I got the answer to my unasked question.

And until next Sunday, I’ll be trying to pay attention to what wants to happen in my life.

And watering seeds. And sending intentions. And paying more attention to the guidance I receive.

Because I’ve discovered that if I get into the flow, what wants to happen is probably going to happen anyway!


Chickamauga Battlefield last Sunday afternoon.

Check out the my previous experiments here.

3 thoughts on “E-Squared Principle #5: “The Dear Abby Principle”

  1. Isn’t it amazing when an ending to a situation brings about a totally unexpected response, but better than expected? About a year ago, I thought I knew what I wanted with a job opportunity. I applied for it, thinking it would be a perfect change, not knowing at the time there were two of these positions available. I was led to believe I had a great chance of getting the new job, but the opportunity never came…not even an interview! Though disappointed, I accepted the fact it was not meant to be. Meanwhile, “little things” fell into place, at just the right times, to begin the new venture of making “Polly’s Porch” a reality….and by Fall of last year, we had 2 vendor spots in popular areas. I knew then that in order to make it successful, I had to devote more time, thus leaving my job at the school office. I had no idea this time last year that I would be where I am today, and who knows where I’ll be next year, but for now I’m happy and content. 🙂 This venture would not be possible if that job opportunity had worked out….it would have demanded MUCH of my attention. Happy for unexpected pathways! 🙂

    • So your two position disappointments were replaced with two vendor spots! I have to frame my time in the last job with what I needed then. Who knows what I learned (and who I met) that will be a part of the next several years? My supposition is that I’ll see some pieces of the puzzle come together. I think it’s just a much larger puzzle (in time and geography) than I imagine. Thanks for sharing your experiences. I find them very encouraging!

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