Energy Exercise Hiatus

As you can tell by the lack of posts lately, I’ve been on hiatus from the Pam Grout E-Squared energy exercises.

But I haven’t been on hiatus from energy.

Because, well. . .  you can’t be!

You might remember my last experiment, the one with the cilantro seeds. My intention to have the seeds sprout – and for the left side to grow faster than the right – ended like this when the week was up.


But I kept watering the seeds. I even took them with me to Savannah so that I could water them often enough. I didn’t send any intention, though.

Or, rather, I didn’t send any mindful intention.

But I did water them.

Maybe that includes some intention?

It has to, right? If you’re watering, you’re providing the seeds with something they need. And that involves intention.

Well, long story short, the seeds did start to sprout.

I can’t remember how many days it was after planting, but a couple of the seeds sprouted first.

Both were on the right side of the carton! Not the left, the side to which I had sent the intention.Nor did my intentions make the seeds sprout within a week.

But the seeds did sprout. All of them. This is what they looked like a couple of days ago.


I’m not sure if this experiment was a complete failure.

It certainly was at least a partial failure.

But however I choose to see it, I still have some cilantro to plant in a larger container.

And a lesson: Planted seeds – given sun and water – want to sprout and grow. Mindful intentions or not! And they’ll do just that. In their own time.

I mentioned that you can’t really be on hiatus from energy. During this Savannah trip, spring energy was all around.

So much was flowering, especially the azaleas.

There were and are other energies at work, but I’ll save writing about those for a later post or two.

I’ll end this one with some photos of the azaleas.

No one had to send intentions for them to bloom.

They just did. Just as seeds know when to grow, when to sprout, when to bear fruit, these azaleas bloom every year.



Azaleas in Forsyth Park


More Forsyth Park, azaleas and live oaks


Angel in Bonaventure Cemetery


Drive in Bonaventure Cemetery


Forsyth Park sidewalk


Bonaventure Cemetery cherubs

DSCN2623 IMG_7941

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