Good parents are artists

One thing I really like about Facebook is seeing photos of families. Photos of anticipated births and of newborn babies, of children, of parents with children, of families in their daily lives, of families on vacation and at holidays.

And one of the things I like most about that is watching people I know – especially former students – raising their children. (I don’t have children. I was never that brave!). It’s fascinating to see what kind of parents these former young people become.

Here’s the thing that really gets me about parenting: Good parents pour themselves into their children – and then they let them go!

I don’t think anything is more difficult than being a good parent. More challenging. More frustrating. More heart-wrenching.

Or more important. 

You out there who are good parents are artists.

Yes, artists!

You have to work within your medium to try to produce a work of art.

Not just a work of art, but a masterpiece . . .  a whole human being! One who can stand on her own feet as adult. One who will contribute positively to his society. One who can love deeply, shed tears, grieve, and celebrate.

And one over whom you ultimately have no control.

What a task you have set up for yourselves!

But one that is perhaps the most important to our world.

Kudos to you who have chosen this daunting path and who work with it as true artists!

You are artists who have to work with what you are given. Artists who didn’t get to choose your stone or canvas.

You didn’t choose your child’s temperament or gifts or talents or preferences or challenges.

That was all given to you.

But you have to work with that, shape and mold it, work with light and shadow, work with texture and color.

Work for years, decades – years that seem like decades.

And then, finally, one day you put your work of art out there in society.

And it stands on its own.

My . . . you are brave!

And essential.

Thank you for your hard work, for persevering through hard times and seemingly unconquerable challenges.

Our world needs more people like you who are willing to be unselfish, to sacrifice, to put your soul into creation. 

Thank you, parent artists. I’m grateful for your sacrifice.

And I appreciate it when you share your creation with me for just a bit – through Facebook or in person.

I’m not brave enough to create in this way, but I sure do appreciate seeing the art that you parents are creating!

Thank you, brave souls. You are helping change our world in a very positive way.

One child at a time.


Magnolia bud


Magnolia blossom



2 thoughts on “Good parents are artists

  1. How very true this is! I’ve never thought of it in this way, but It makes so much sense! Love this so very much. We’ll thought out and as always well written❤

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