Intuitive “Hits”: Two VERY similar instances

I’ve been trying to be more aware of my intuitive “hits” lately.

Two similar ones in less than two weeks have me wondering what they mean.

I posted this one on Facebook about 10 days ago.

I was about to go into Ft. O. I usually take the back way on narrow roads to go to the bypass. But I had a thought that maybe I should go the other way since it was rainy – and it’s easier to wreck on narrow, wet roads. That’s not a thought I usually have. It’s not as if I don’t drive in the rain on wet roads pretty often. But since I needed to go by the PO, I decided to go the back way, wet roads or not, and go to the bypass and through the battlefield to the PO.

When I made the almost blind left turn on a narrow road not far from here, I noticed a car going really slowly. And when I went around the bend, there was a car in the ditch, almost upside down, with people standing beyond it talking on their cell phones.

So was that my intuition? Had that wreck already happened when I was choosing my route, and I picked up on it somehow? Or had it not happened yet, and I was being warned? I saw those wet roads in my mind’s eye, but I didn’t “see” a wreck. The wreck part was more of a concern, perhaps a feeling.

That was about 10 days ago.

This morning I was going into Ft. O again. I typically take the back roads to the bypass. But as I pulled down my driveway today, something tugged me to the other route.

I say something “tugged.” It was a feeling. I did see that route in my mind’e eye, but this was more a feeling. My thoughts were, “It’s wet from rain again.” And then my thoughts turned to the previous situation that I related above. I thought about wet roads, but I didn’t feel the need to be extra careful.

I drove up my street, no concerns in my head, and made a right turn. Not more than 300 yards down the road I passed a car on the left  .  .  .  in the ditch! With two people standing beyond it talking on their cell phones.



Not the wreck I saw, but a similar situation

So this is TWICE that I’ve gotten an intuitive hit that has taken me on a route past a car on the left in the ditch! The wreck had just happened both times. This time I passed a sheriff’s car not far beyond the wreck, on its way to take care of the situation.

Both times the wreck was within a half mile of my house.

One time it was my usual “back” route. The next time it was the other route. Neither time did I feel worried or anxious.

Both times I was amazed to realize I’d picked up on something.

But . . .  what does it mean??

I don’t think I was being protected.

Maybe it was just a heads up?

Whatever it is, I think it’s pretty cool!

And if I get a third time, I’ll be sure to share it here!


The photo above is by Josh O’Bryant from this article:





2 thoughts on “Intuitive “Hits”: Two VERY similar instances

  1. I believe there’s a lot to be said for gut feelings, or intuition. I’ve had a couple of uncanny premonitions…for lack of a better word, in my lifetime. They were more prevalent when I was younger, which almost makes me wonder if I ignored them, or took them for granted, so often that I’ve nearly lost the ability? I’ll still think of something that I haven’t thought about in years, then suddenly i find it to be a topic of discussion, or a newly reinvented idea on television. My brother and I both feel like we have the ability to ignorantly influence…does that make any sense? I also believe my son and I are truly tuned in together so well, that it is not uncommon for us to blurt out identical, and unrelated to anything sentences. I remember when he was 14 or 15, we were watching TV together in the living room. Quietly. For NO reason whatsoever, we simultaneously turned to one another and flipped each other the bird!!! Isn’t that a weird and non-typical thing to do???? Go with your gut. That saying, along with; “hind sight is 20/20”, neither are wrong.

    Love your blog! Keep posting, and thanks for sharing your inner dialogue. That is one of the most fascinating things for me. I love “hearing” what other people are thinking. Unfortunately for the public at large, I spew my inner dialogue whether you ask for it or not!

    • Thanks for sharing, Brooke. I do think often we ignore and kind of put our intuition into sleep mode. I find so many who say their intuition was stronger when they were young. But it can be awakened when we’re older – if we pay attention. That fits with your phrase “ignorantly influence.” I think it’s still at work, but we’re ignorant of it. That’s where awareness comes in. Then we can intentionally influence.

      I think it’s a frequency thing with you and your brother and son. People talk about being on the same wavelength – I think that’s literal!

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