What I most admire about really good moms (and all who play this role)

For Mother’s Day I want to write a quick post about my admiration for moms (and the other folks who act as moms). I think about you pretty often as I go about my daily life.

You know when?

It’s when I’m very tired, dragging myself around in the late afternoon or evening. Or when I’m sick.

Because I live alone, I have to do everything for myself. Sometimes I think how it would be nice to have someone to ask for help.

But then I think of you moms. When you feel like this—tired, worn out, exhausted—you have to keep going to take care of other people!

You don’t just have yourself to take care of. You have to take care of your children.

No matter how you feel.

If you’re tired. Or sick. Or super busy. Or depressed. Or overwhelmed.

However you’re feeling you put others first. You persevere. You make yourself cook the meal or do the laundry or dress the children or vacuum the living room or load the dishwasher or go get the groceries or help with homework (or manage the distance schooling now during the COVID pandemic) or clean up the vomit or help with the school project or play the game or soothe the fever in the middle of the night or carry around the child who’s too tired to walk.

It’s an endless list. You do it all!

I know some of you have great partners who help with all of this work. But many of you bear the load of the daily work on your shoulders—alone.

And I admire that.

You sacrifice for your children (as my mother so often did).

You sacrifice for the next generation. For our society’s future.

And for that I am grateful.

On this Mother’s Day I want to say thank you.

For your sacrifices. For your contributions. For your perseverance.

You are the foundations of our society, and we don’t value you enough. One “special” day a year is totally insufficient.

But I’ll take this one day to say thank you. And to let you know I think of you often—and appreciate all that you do!

You moms are shining stars.

Each one of you.

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