My advice for this week of U.S. elections: 8 short suggestions

I feel fear swirling around with these autumn leaves as we all think of what this week might bring.

Here’s my advice for all of us:

  1. Remember to breathe. Both in AND out.
  2. Remember you have friends, family—people you love— who will be upset with the outcome. Be compassionate. With them. With yourself—because you might be the one who’s not happy with the outcome.
  3. Take time for self care. If that means time in nature, go outside. If that means eat ice cream, do that. If that means go to bed early, do that. You know what makes you feel cared for. Make sure you take time to care for yourself.
  4. Don’t overexpose yourself to news and social media. Remember, all of the news we get is from sources whose primary concern is making money—lots of it. The more “hooked” we are on their information, the more money they make. They don’t care about our mental health or about much beyond making money for themselves. Don’t be manipulated. If you need to take a complete hiatus from news and social media, DO THAT.
  5. Don’t let this time make you fearful and angry. Center yourself and remember that history has a long arc. And remember how much better it feels to be loving and kind than to be afraid and angry.
  6. Think of all of the people you love deeply. And keep loving them.
  7. And remember . . . this too shall pass.
  8. And remember, as Dame Julian of Norwich wisely said: All shall be well, and all shall be well, and all manner of thing shall be well.

I think of when I received my breast cancer diagnosis. I sat in my truck in the parking lot afterward and thought,“This is terrible and wonderful.”

I knew it would be a difficult journey. But I also knew it would be transformative in very positive ways.

And it was.

So this time can be for all of us.

IF we remember to love one another.

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