My word for 2021. A surprise!

Last year my word for the year was release.

It turned out to be exactly the right word for 2020. With all of the changes brought by COVID-19 I released a lot. I released expectations, craving for normal, gathering with friends. I released some “shoulds.” Though it was a very difficult year for so many, for me it was a pretty good year. I enjoyed being home. I enjoyed a quieter, less-busy life.

So this morning I wondered what my word for 2021 would be. Something similar? Something challenging?

I did a guided meditation to find my word. A spoken meditation online took me on the journey.

And what came was a surprise.

I went into the meditation with an open mind—no expectations, no preferences. I didn’t try to force something to come to me. I left my mind open and followed the imagery that took form in my mind’s eye.

I saw a rugged coastline with library shelves. A leather-bound book caught my eye. On the cover of the book was a tiger.

The book opened and my word for 2021 floated up.

That word was pounce.

It makes me laugh to type that! What an interesting, unexpected word!

My cat Henry was sleeping in my lap when I did the meditation. Maybe his vibrational frequency affected the word that came? Though honestly, he’s my cat least likely to pounce. He’s a lazy, fat boy.

But I could say I’m like that, too!

No matter how or why pounce came to me, it’s my word for 2021.

It will be fun to see how it challenges, nourishes, helps me to grow in this coming year.

Since this word doesn’t really bring expectations, the 2021 journey should be particularly interesting. I like being open to what might emerge.

I know there will be surprises with this surprise word.

I know there will be challenges and potential for growth.

I know the year will be full and fertile.

And come what may, I’ll surely have opportunities to pounce!

This about as close to a pounce as Henry gets!

3 thoughts on “My word for 2021. A surprise!

  1. So, maybe this year will bring snap decisions that benefit you greater that thinking things over?
    However you “pounce”, may what you land on prove itself positive for you.

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