Trying to shift from defense to curiosity

Boy, we are in a time of great dissension!

So much argument. So much anger. So much pain.

I’m someone who greatly dislikes contention and argument. I feel it in my chest. A tightness, a blocking off. I feel I have to defend myself— and my views (which I take as a part of myself. But are they really? That’s a topic for a later discussion).

When I’m defending, I lose my curiosity. I want to prove my point, to shift to offense, to win the argument, to show that I’m right!

But wanting to prove myself right closes my ears—and my heart.

Curiosity is a way to open my heart. It allows me to open my ears and listen.

And listening, truly listening, helps me to understand my fellow humans better.

Curiosity also dissolves the tightness in my chest. When I’m curious, I feel much better. I feel open, not closed and defended. Closed feels heavy. Open feels lighter.

I much prefer feeling lighter.

During this time of great change and great contention, I resolve to be curious.

Yes, it’s hard to tamp down my tendency toward argument (and judgment), but I’ve found that curiosity feels a lot better.

And I’m certainly in favor of feeling better!

Honestly, aren’t we all??

Either Grand Lake or Lake Granby, CO (I’m not sure just where I took this photo in 2008)

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