About Me

“May what I do flow from me like a river, no forcing and no holding back . . .”

– Rainer Maria Rilke

I’m riding the flow of life to see where it leads—and I’m trying not to push the river but instead to follow the currents and rest in the eddies to discover what this life has for me.

A breast cancer diagnosis on September 6, 2011 changed my current substantially. I’m beyond the nine-year mark of completing treatments and am learning to trust in the flow of life. Now and then I’m in the busy life most people live, but I’m hoping I can take with me what I learned through the cancer treatments.

A few years ago I took on the role of middle school teacher. During my 23 years as a high school English teacher, I’m quite sure I said I’d never teach middle school. But I found myself in the middle school classroom teaching a careers class in the spring of 2016.

That teaching stint was too exhausting for me to continue, though, so it was back into the current. I had a very part-time job that I really enjoyed—social media marketing and writing curriculum for an ACT prep company, 36 University. I also lead a class now and then at the Center for Mindful Living in Chattanooga, Tennessee. But mainly I’m a retired person, learning to be in a different way than that of a worker.

I began a daily Centering Prayer practice in January 2000. That daily practice was the most transformative activity of my entire life and was a constant though my eddies and currents—until 2017 when it just went away. I started yoga, which is now my new daily practice.

I love to travel, but I hate to fly, so I drive as often as I can on my trips. I especially like driving out to the American West. I’ve not had the energy lately to do long trips but am hopeful that will shift.

I often visit my childhood home area of Effingham County and Savannah, Georgia to be with the azaleas and Spanish moss and live oak trees. No matter where I travel, though, it’s always good to get back home to these Northwest Georgia mountains.

I very much enjoy taking photos. The photos on this blog are mine (unless otherwise indicated).

Is a current or an eddy next in my life?

I don’t know. I’m learning to trust the flow and to be comfortable with what is.

Eddy and current.

Eddies and currents in the Rocky Mountain National Park, Colorado
Grand Tetons, Wyoming
Grand Tetons, Wyoming
The Cove, Kensington, Gerogia
The Cove, Kensington, Georgia
Chatham Square, Savannah, Georgia
Chatham Square, Savannah, Georgia
Frozen Forsyth Park Fountain, Savannah, Georgia
Frozen Forsyth Park Fountain at Christmas, Savannah, Georgia
Historic Jerusalem Lutheran Church, (Ebenezer), Effingham County, Georgia
Historic Jerusalem Lutheran Church, (Ebenezer), Effingham County, Georgia

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