E-Squared Principle #6: “The Superhero Principle”

After last week's life-changing (literally) principle, the one that prompted me to leave my job, you'd think the energy would be rocking. And that this week's experiment would be amazing. But if you thought that, you'd be wrong. This week's experiment was to see if my thoughts could change matter, the physical world. Could my … Continue reading E-Squared Principle #6: “The Superhero Principle”

E-Squared Principle #5: “The Dear Abby Principle”

WARNING:  DOING THESE ENERGY EXPERIMENTS MIGHT AWAKEN THE ENERGY IN YOUR LIFE AND CHANGE YOUR LIFE IN DRAMATIC WAYS! That statement in itself seems dramatic, doesn't it? Well, my life took a big turn a couple of weeks ago. A turn that I swear that was prompted by doing these exercises, paying attention to energy, connecting energy … Continue reading E-Squared Principle #5: “The Dear Abby Principle”

E-Squared Principle #4: “The Abracadabra Principle”

Another Sunday has rolled around, and it's time for my E-Squared report. This one is the "Abracadabra Principle." (Which, by the way, is my favorite chapter title). The premise here is that we can manifest things, specific things. Material things. Just by thinking about them. Sounds cool, huh? But I had to quiet the skeptic … Continue reading E-Squared Principle #4: “The Abracadabra Principle”

E-Squared Principle #1: “The Dude Abides”

Okay, so today I report the result of my first E-Squared experiment (from Pam Grout's book E-Squared ). Last Sunday, I asked that you join me in these experiments to form a community of people who are trying the series of 48-hour experiments and sharing their results. Grout calls the first experiment "The Dude Abides."  The Dude … Continue reading E-Squared Principle #1: “The Dude Abides”