"Waiting" is an appropriate title this time, don't you think?  I've not posted in almost two weeks.  So "waiting" seems apt.  That's what I've been doing.  Waiting. Our society isn't much for waiting.  We of drive-through fast food.  We of the time-is-money attitude.  We of no time to wait for anything anywhere. We're people of … Continue reading Waiting

TWO treatments left . . . and blooming when it’s time

Yes, I only have two radiation treatments left.  Two!  That's amazing to me.  This seven-month journey is almost over.  I started the "boost" radiation treatments on Wednesday, and I have two more of those, so on Tuesday, April 24th at around 10 AM, I'll record my last treatment.  How good it feels to type that! … Continue reading TWO treatments left . . . and blooming when it’s time