The More Later

Wednesday’s weather was more than wild and woolly.  It was devastating for many, many people in this area and all across Alabama and parts of Georgia and Tennessee.  Air flow that in the winter brings us snow brought us tornadoes.  Lots of them.  I’ve never seen a Doppler weather map before that had so many rotating circles on it at once.  This weather event is now a human event as we who are unscathed try to process the magnitude of loss and human misery all around us.  And those who were directly affected try to get through each day by cleaning up and repairing or sorting through what is left or just putting one foot in front of the other to keep living.

We are all dealing with the bare fact that we are not in control.  I had all kinds of plans for last week, and nearly all of them were altered because of the storm or other circumstances.  And my experiences are infinitesimal compared with that of those who lost home and/or family and friends.  We’re doing a lot of processing in this area, and it will be a long time before we know what these storms really meant for us, both physically and spiritually.

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