Out of the Flow

My last post was about fear and welcoming it. I had medical scare that brought the fear, but my intuition said it wasn’t a big deal.

And it turned out not to be.

So you’d think the past couple of weeks would have been happy, smooth-sailing ones, right?


I have been very out of the Flow. All kinds of things have gone slightly askew.

I postponed a trip up to New England to see my sister and brother-in-law because of a hurricane that looked, at that time, as if it might hit New England hard. Instead it brushed my childhood home and the surrounding area Friday and Saturday. Now it’s raining itself on New England. Just rain, though. No big deal.

But I’m home now and not in New England as planned.

I had a health insurance snafu that won’t resolve for a month or more. That means three postponed doctor appointments while I wait for coverage. And paying full price for prescriptions.

I forgot my purse one evening (that’s unusual for me), and when I went back to get it, it wasn’t there. I got back home to discover that my friend had it. I spent a night feeling disconnected and disconcerted because my phone plus all money and credit cards and identification were in that purse.

None of these askews are really major. Certainly nothing like finding out five years ago that I had cancer!

But they all let me know I’m out of the Flow right now.

I’m trying to welcome this disconcerting time just as I welcomed the fear a couple of weeks ago.

Even with the out-of-Flow energies, it hasn’t been all bad.

I’ve had some lovely, meaningful times with friends. The weather has been crystal clear and more temperate. I’ve had time to sit in the yard and enjoy that weather.

I’ve had time to read. To reflect. To be.

But I much prefer being in the Flow . . . . though I think that being out of it might actually be a preparation period, a fallow time before the next time of Flow.

A time that lets me be aware of how important it is to be centered and grounded.

So I’m trying to look at this askew time as helpful.

Even if it doesn’t feel so great, maybe it’s helping me.

Askew, out of sorts, jangly. All of these energies and feelings have their place, too.

Even when I don’t want to welcome them . . .




4 thoughts on “Out of the Flow

  1. I’m all out of sorts as well…I need some time to myself for the simplest thing as a health check up an I’m scared for some unknown…I’m grumpy , not hungry and tired. The moon must change as this has been for two weeks. Perhaps it’s the weather. I’m not sure . I feel you though…I’m one of the most chipper people I know and I just want to go blehhhhhh.

    • We are in a growing moon. My un-ease goes back to the new moon, too, so maybe a connection. Usually this kind of weather makes me feel good, so I don’t think that’s it for me. Something is up – something is shifting.

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