New alignment

When I signed up for double knee replacement, I didn’t really think about how it would affect my gait when I walked – and therefore, my body’s alignment.

I’m finding that along with my decade life transition that I wrote about in my last post, my body is making its own type of transition.

It’s aligning differently.

When I was in the sixth grade, I was diagnosed with scoliosis. My prescription was physical therapy that involved several stretches. I did my PT faithfully (because my mother insisted), and the curve in my spine actually lessened a little.

Because of the scoliosis, I’ve always had a crooked alignment, one left shoulder obviously higher than the right, a  bit of a head tilt, uneven hip alignment.

Well, these knee replacements seem to be changing that alignment. I think my spine is actually straightening a little.

I’ve decided to help that straightening some by stretching daily, so I’m starting a yoga discipline, working individually with a yoga teacher and adding yoga as a daily activity .

I may as well take advantage of the new alignment possibility, right?

Plus, having more body awareness is becoming a necessity. Not only is my age a factor, but many muscle aches and pains accompany this new alignment – and stretching is a way to counter that.

Ever since my centering prayer practice dissipated last year, I’ve been open to a new mindfulness practice. Yoga fits nicely there.

Along with the yoga, I’m doing more walking. My muscles atrophied quite a bit after the surgery, so it will be some time before I can walk for very long or very far.

But one thing I learned during my cancer treatment recovery six years ago is that I have to be patient. Recovery isn’t always swift. Little by little is is still recovery. And I’m grateful for that.

So I enjoy the sunny days and a walk by a stream on a paved path – one that has benches for when my legs and back ache just a little too much.

And I’m grateful for yoga stretches in the morning to help me start my days feeling less stiff – and more aware.

And even though I’m not the fastest in the healing category, I’m grateful for improvement. Little by little, day by day.

As my new alignment continues . . .


Field of wildflowers on my walk.


4 thoughts on “New alignment

  1. Good for you— I’m trying out a water yoga class. I, too, have a left shoulder higher and crooked spine and hip. Chiropractor is helping me. He’s a holistic guy and doesn’t take Medicare. ( unfortunately.)

    • I’m going to have to Google “water yoga.” All I can see in my mind is lots of floating, little stretching. I’m glad the chiropractor is helping you. A friend recommended one recently, but I’m going to see how much yoga helps. Already it seems to be a lot.

  2. I love to read your writing. I wishing you all the best as you recover. Love your reminder that ‘little by little is still recovery’ as well as tge example of your gratitude. ❤️ Curious why your centering prayer practice dissipated, as I’m trying to build my sitting practice and sometimes wonder if it’ll be sustainable.

  3. Thanks, Teresa. I don’t know why my centering prayer practice dissipated. I began a daily practice in January 2000, and it was a very important part of my life for 17 years – the most transformative thing I’ve ever done. But last year it gradually went away. I wouldn’t even think of doing a sit, even though that was how I started my day for 17 years. It may be connected with my surgeries (hysterectomy in March, knees in September), but I don’t think that’s all.

    I encourage you to continue your sitting practice. It is for sure sustainable – and worth your time. As I said, the most transformative thing I’ve ever done. I think my change is connected with what I wrote about in my previous post “Liminal Time.”

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