Thunderstorms and balance

Right now a thunderstorm is booming overhead.  We need rain pretty badly, so I welcome the storm.  But because of the tornadoes about six weeks ago, lots of people around here are jumpy when it storms.  It’s all about perspective.  Before the tornadoes, thunderstorms weren’t that scary.  But now they can be, because too recently they came with great devastation.

I find life to be like that, too.  When something seems normal, it doesn’t bother me, and I feel in balance.  But when it seems abnormal, or Abby Normal (Young Frankenstein), then it throws me off balance.  The key word is “seems.”  If I accept everything as it is now, without expectation, then it’s all normal.  And normal is a blessing.  I’m choosing normal every day. . . . or at least I’m trying to do that.

A normal thunderstorm is diminishing right now.  I welcome its coming and going.  And whatever it brings with it and takes away as it leaves, it’s all normal.

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